Voltz Vodka:
Client Request
We are looking for a video campaign that will set the tone for the launch of our new brand: Voltz Vodka.
The brand is sexy and the target group is female, young and successful. The slogan is: ‘on top of my moment’

Forward Motion’s vision
Voltz Vodka is a vodka targeted at women, but also appeals to male vodka drinkers. Let’s use strong female characters to show how Voltz Vodka helps women to be themselves, while at the same time empowering other women to be on top of their moment. The campaign needs to exist of multiple commercials that form a story, when put together.

End product
We have created a teaser commercial and the first commercial of the series. The characters are both physically attractive and powerful; they are definitely ‘on top of their moment’. The overall atmosphere is intriguing. The rest of the series will further tell the story.